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Aftermath (Book Two in the Beltrunner Saga)


Aftermath (Book Two in the Beltrunner Saga) by Sean O’Brien
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  Hard Science Fiction

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ISBN: 9781770532229
$5.99 US

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ISBN: 9781770532236
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
$14.95 US
$19.95 CDN
248 Pages

ISBN: 9781770532335
Hard Cover
5.75" X 8.75"
$27.95 US
$38.50 CDN
248 Pages


Aftermath (Book Two in the Beltrunner Saga)

Release Dates:

  •    May 6 - August 5, 2024 – Amazon Select - eBook edition only.
  •    August 6, 2024 – Released everywhere - print and eBook editions.
  •    TBA – Audio book release.

In a universe where hope dims like a dying star, one man's loss becomes his ultimate quest for redemption.

Asteroid belt miner Collier South has hit the nadir of existence. Once a beacon of idealism in the cold, unforgiving expanse of space, he's lost everything: the love of his life, an alien artifact that had promised great change, and his irreplaceable companion, Sancho, the sentient ship’s computer. In the aftermath of tragedy, Collier finds himself at a crossroads—haunted by the specters of his past and the vast, uncharted territories of space that call to him once more.

The discovery that nothing is ever truly lost reignites Collier's resolve. Armed with the recovered alien artifact, a beacon of untold power, he sets out to reclaim his ship, his friend, and his purpose. With the aid of unexpected allies and an unbreakable bond with Sancho, Collier embarks on a journey that will take him to the edges of known space and beyond.

In a race against time and destiny, can Collier South mend the fabric of space itself, or will his final gambit unleash forces that could shatter the fragile peace of the cosmos?

Aftermath (Book Two in the Beltrunner Saga) - Book trailer


"Good dialogue, memorable characters, and some nifty world-building. The prose is clear and tight, and action scenes are excellent. ... And in these turbulent times, it feels good to escape into some fantasy world where us little guys can get revenge on our corporate masters!" -- Marc A. Gayan


"This is Space-Opera in the finest tradition of Larry Niven. … The story is a rollicking page-turner, with many wild adventures awaiting both Collier and the reader. It’s such a pleasure to get lost in space with lawless characters and mysterious alien artifacts … I enjoyed the strangelet cannon that can collapse the target into a condensed speck of quark matter. Poof!" -- Guy Immega, author of Super-Earth Mother: The AI that Engineered a Brave New World


"This was a fun to read novel that did not meet my definition of hard sf, but was interesting all the way through and made me want to keep turning pages to see what happened next. I recommend this book to readers of all ages; it won't increase your potential as a rocket scientist, but it is just plain fun to read." -- London Marion, Amazon


"This was a strong sequel in the Beltrunner Saga series, that I was hoping for and enjoyed from the overall feel of this world. The concept had everything that I was looking for and enjoyed overall in this type of book, it had that character element that I wanted and glad I got to read this. Sean O’Brien has a great writing style and can’t wait for more." -- Kathryn McLeer, NetGalley


"I enjoyed reading this book. It takes place after the first book and Collier has lost everything. This doesn’t stop him from looking for the “Duicinea” that had somehow been lost to him. Plus he has a “magic wand” to help him. I really enjoyed it." -- Lawrence Loe, Amazon


"A wonderful return to the Beltrunner saga. After the events of Beltrunner, Collier South has hit his lowest; his job is in shambles, his ship and best friend are lost to him, and he's drifting through life - until he gets one last chance to make things right.

"Disclaimer: I've always been a fan of science fiction with a noir twist, and the Beltrunner saga delivers, with a pitch-black setting surrounding the inner Solar System populated by people who are just grim enough to be interesting, while still being compelling and sympathetic. A hearty recommendation from me." -- Misha Handman, NetGalley


"Sean O'Brien’s Aftermath makes the future feel old. Lived in. Like your favorite boots. Belt mining, interplanetary colonization, sentient computers, matter manipulation – O’Brien’s skill gets the fantastic to fit. It’s a remarkable feat in terms of the read, but the big benefit is to the characters. They grow relatable because as foreign as this plot and setting get, it all seems right. Yeah, there’s a starship instead of a pickup and an AI in place of a dog. The humanity, though, that’s grounded no matter where in the system the novel takes us. As real as a 30.5-hour summer day. O’Brien, I’d like another please. Make it a double." -- Michael J. Martineck, author

"I’m a fan of this author and I am fan of this series. If you like sci-fi like Alien, Firefly and the Expanse, about hardworking, regular folk trying to eke out a living amongst the dangerous cosmos, look no farther than Sean O’Brien’s Beltrunner saga. What really struck me the most about Sean’s writing style is the excellent character development. I especially enjoyed the relationship between the gritty miner and his faithful artificial companion. I’m already looking forward to the next installment." -- Bestselling Author, Jack Castle


"Fans of The Expanse and other hard sci-fi novels will find a lot to like in this action-packed quest to discover the origins of an ancient artifact. Sean O'Brien builds a captivating world populated with working class characters thrust into a confrontation with a mega-corporation. Definitely recommended." -- Michael Prelee, author


"Beltalowdas rejoice! Expansive space opera rocks the belt with O’Brien’s latest." -- Sheldon Teitelbaum, editor and journalist.


"Really good read enjoyed Collier and Sanchos. Will the baddies always win. Like the ending, but wait there's more?! I hope." -- Lv scifi, Amazon

About the Author:

Sean O’Brien is an educator and writer from Southern California. He is married and has two children along with an ever-growing number of animals. He was named Educator of the Year by the California League of High Schools and has been a head varsity football coach, a college football player, baseball umpire, television broadcaster, and Gilbert and Sullivan singer (though, he says, not a good one). He’s the author of “Beltrunner”, “Silent Manifest”, “A Muse of Fire”, “Wondrous Strange”, and “Vale of Stars”. [MORE]

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