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EDGE and Tesseract are imprints of Hades Publications, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit to EDGE?
If you are an author, please review our author guidelines.

If you are an artist, please review our artist guidelines.

You will need to adhere to these guidelines in order to have your work considered by EDGE.
Why are there author submission guidelines?
We have a very specific evaluation process. This process requires a certain amount of material to be on hand, and because a submission may only receive one evaluation, or several, we need to keep this process uniform. Making sure that each submission package contains the same amount of material helps to give each author fair and equal representation. The more closely you can adhere to the guidelines, the smoother the evaluation process will be, and you will end up hearing about your novel sooner.
How do I make a good first impression?
Be sure your information is accurate. This includes spelling the editor's name correctly, addressing the submission to the right person, and most of all entails being sure that what you are sending in is something we're going to want to look at. We publish high-quality science fiction and fantasy. We are not interested in erotica, religious fiction, short stories (other than for specific anthologies), dark/gruesome fantasy, or poetry.
     Another thing that will ensure your first impression is a good one is to make sure that your submission package is complete and error-free. Don't assume your printer is printing off what you tell it to: too often we receive submissions with missing pages or other printer errors, and then we have to wait while the author scrambles to fix the mistake. Make sure that your electronic submission is saved in Microsoft Word and that you have attached the correct file to the email. Other common errors are cover/query letters addressed to other publishers, or missing material in the submission. If you're not sure if you should include something, or what the publisher's submission guidelines are, visit this page of our website for more information.
As an unpublished author, do I need an agent?
No. We accept manuscripts from unagented as well as agented authors. There is not much an agent can do for most new authors other than try to locate a publisher. If you have already signed up with an agent, tell them to contact us with your work and we will study their proposal. However, agented works do not get special treatment; to us there is no difference than when you contact us yourself.
     Our book contracts are standard. We rarely negotiate the royalty percentages and/or advances that we offer, and if we do so, then only with previously published writers. However, if you are already committed to an agent, you must honor that commitment.
Do I need to hire a publicist?
Some of our authors decide to hire a publicist after being signed up by us. This can be a good decision if the publicist knows how to expose the author locally. It makes very little sense to hire an East Coast publicist if you live on the West Coast, or the other way around.
     Do not hire a publicist if you're unwilling to do the hard work yourself. No publicist can replace you at the center of your book's success.
What are my obligations as an author?
The author has really only one obligation: to provide us with the completed final-version manuscript. We'll take it from there. Does this mean that the author must sit on his/her hands after signing the contract? Not exactly.
     After the book has gone through the editing process, it is set up in type and then forwarded as a proof to the author for final, minor correction. The author is expected to return such corrections within fifteen days. The book is then prepared to go to the printer, where it will wait in line to be printed. Once we feel that all necessary elements are in place, we will begin to market and distribute your book.
     The book industry puts initial local marketing front and center where the author is positioned to directly communicate with his/her audience. Because the book is closely and often intimately linked to the author's personal life experiences, fears, hopes, and dreams, it's the author who is designated to spearhead local promotion.
When will I see my book in print?
The official answer is between twelve and eighteen months. The truth is, we want to release an accepted book soon, but wisely.
Can I have my paper submission returned to me?
Yes. See the writer’s guidelines here for more information.
Will my submission be destroyed? Yes, paper submissions without an enclosed SASE will eventually be destroyed. Digital files will also be eventually deleted. My book isn't finished yet. Can I still query about it?
No. We only accept finished manuscripts.

Mail your paper submission to:

Acquisitions Editor
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
P.O. Box 1714
Calgary, AB
T2P 2L7 Canada

NOTE: EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is not responsible for submissions lost or damaged in transit.

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