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From Moon to Joshua (The Sands of Deliverance - Book 1)


From Moon to Joshua (The Sands of Deliverance - Book 1) by Matthew Moffitt
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  Science Fiction

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ISBN: 9781770531284
$5.99 US

ISBN: 9781770531376
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
$15.95 US
$20.95 CDN
304 pages


From Moon to Joshua (The Sands of Deliverance - Book 1)

The real devil is the one waiting inside of you.

What would you do if there was an evil inside you that you couldn’t stop? And how would you live with yourself when you realized it?

Blending science fiction, a dystopian world, and the old west, FROM MOON TO JOSHUA is – at the heart of it – a tale about how one man answers those very questions.

The story follows Drayaden Sinclaire, as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of a husband and his son, lost while traveling from the town of Moon to Joshua. The search forces Drayaden to confront the very thing he fears most: himself.

Drayaden Sinclaire lives by three rules:

  • he kills when he needs to, never before;
  • he always pays his debts, and
  • he never draws his sword.

FROM MOON TO JOSHUA takes places on the Desert Land, a barren wasteland where Toreth, the home country, sends their criminals to live out the rest of their days. It’s harsh and relentless, like its people.

No one is safe and no one is ready.

About the Author:

Matthew Moffitt lives with his wife in South Dakota, where they go to graduate school and take care of their cat, Sherlock. Growing up, Matt read everything he could get his hands on — science fiction, fantasy, murder-mystery, comic books, and even his mother’s endless piles of romance novels. One day he got the bright idea to write, which he stuck to, feeling he could make a difference to those around him. He currently writes science fiction and fantasy, drawing from his experiences as a budding clinical psychologist. [MORE]

Book trailer "From Moon to Joshua" by Matthew Moffitt

About "From Moon to Joshua" by Matthew Moffitt


"Saddle up for a fascinating mix of adventure and science fiction in this genre bending western filled with intrigue, airships, and rogues exploding with personality." - Jacopo della Quercia, author The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy and License to Quill

"Part Science Fiction, part dystopian, part western, Moffitt blends three of the most popular genres seamlessly in his knock out debut. Prepare to enter the world of Drayaden Sinclaire, an enigmatic warrior, the remaining vestige of hope in a landscape of prisoners, murderers, and the innocents caught between. Come ride with Drayaden along the burning desert floor as his world begins to come asunder and he must reckon with his past in order to face his future. As compelling as it clever, MOON TO JOSHUA, is a psychological page-turner that no fan of gritty fiction should pass over." - Duncan B. Barlow, author of THE CITY, AWAKE, OF FLESH AND FUR, and SUPERCELL ANEMIA


"This postapocalyptic SF thriller seasons gritty Wild West–style adventure with steampunk elements.... Fans of dystopias and western settings will find enough flying bullets, intrigue, airships, and zombies to entertain them." - Publishers Weekly

"I am now a fan of this genre of book. It was very well written, full of surprises as well as complex, but likeable characters. I found myself becoming attached to each of them as I was drawn more into the story. I empathized with each of the characters and could not wait to see what would happen to them. The book was unpredictable, unique and clever." - Daryl Brayman

"This book is definitely outside of the typical genre I delve into, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much it kept my attention (I read the bulk of it in one day)! Any time I had to put it down I was curious what was going to happen next. Can't wait for more!" - Kaylaon

"Great story. Characters and plot keep you interested, and the pacing of the story keeps you reading." Brandon

"An interesting blend of a western epic and science fiction, "From Moon to Joshua" manages to strike a unique tone. It is 279 pages long but reads very quickly, as the story rolls along at a very nice pace." - amazon

"I really enjoyed reading this book. I'm not usually a western or Sci-fi fan, but I love fantasy and this book is a great blend of all three. ... The author did a great job of keeping a fast pace and providing some in-depth character development." Nick Jon

"This novel is unlike anything I've ever picked up. The characters and plot pull the reader into a world where pain and cold indifference are necessary for survival. Against all of that the characters develop a sense of community and take steps to right the wrongs of their past and the present situation in which they find themselves. This is an awesome read." - Scotton

"I am usually skeptical of blended genre novels. However, being a huge fan of the utopian/dystopian genre, I decided to give this novel a shot. ... To me, a sign of a well- developed and thoughtful piece of work/ art pushes the consumer to think further, and I'm glad I took a chance on this novel and author. Looking forward to book 2!" - andatreehuggeron

"This book, I had the privilege to read early and really liked the way in which Moffitt blends elements of science fiction and dystopian western." - Mark Twainon

"Could not put this book down. Waiting for book 2 and more books from Matthew Moffitt" - Benjamin Phelps

"This was a great book. I never wanted to put it down and was wondering what would happen next. I highly recommend it." - Timmy, amazon

"Sure, this isn't the first post-apocalyptic western novel to be done, but it was a truly unique and enjoyable read. The author blended sci-fi elements into this setting in a creative way, and I think as he has more time to continue to flush these elements out, things will only become more interesting. I'm looking forward to book 2 myself." - Matthew Cleves

Books in the The Sands of Deliverance Series:

  • From Moon to Joshua Book 1

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