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Tooth and Talon


Tooth and Talon by Alex Hernandez
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  Science Fiction
  Alien Contact
  Genetic Engineering
  Genetic Military
  Survival Stories

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ISBN: 9781770531468
$5.99 US

ISBN: 9781770531628
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
$15.95 US
$20.95 CDN
308 Pages


Tooth and Talon

Humanity and creatures on an exoplanet
are bound by tragedy.

Oya Valette knows that her traditional family values, instilled by her grandmother, will be challenged by her desire to pilot the FTL transport ship HS Hurricane to Beta Hydri, where she and a small crew of base-line humans will ferret out genetically modified Ďharpiesí and set up their own master colony.

Faced with the potential annihilation of the inhabitants of the planet, Oya must either choose to accept their past illegal deeds or embrace the possibility of a fresh future together.

Embracing the aspects of inclusivity, society, and human emotion on an alien world, Tooth and Talon explores what it means to be human and stands as a landmark achievement in the annals of Latino and Latina science fiction. [v3]

About the Author:

Alex Hernandez is a Cuban American science fiction writer based in South Florida, and the first of his family to be born in the U.S. He is a library director at Miami Dade College.

For the most part he is a solitary writer, but his work represents as part of the Latinofuturist movement, which includes visions and presentations of space futures. (1)

Hernandezí most influential experience with (written) science fiction was when he discovered Isaac Asimovís short stories and immediately connected with the authorís immigrant story. Perhaps because of that, the themes of migration, colonization and posthumanism permeate his work, which usually blend the subgenres of space opera and biopunk. His stories have previously been published by Bean Books, The Colored Lens, Interstellar Fiction and others.


(1) The future of human travel and engagement with space is usually portrayed in science fiction as a predominantly all-white endeavor. The alternatives to an all-white conquering, space faring society exist, but the views of those coming from those underrepresented, non-white communities are rarely if ever discussed or considered in the public eye. [MORE]

An introduction to Tooth and Talon by Alex Hernandez

"Tooth and Talon combines all of the ostentatious elements I loved about science fiction, interstellar colonization, cyborgs, genetic engineering, robots, dinosaurs but theyíre used in the service of an immigration story. Itís ultimately a story about starting over in a new land full of opportunity and peril. Itís about the cost of assimilation and itís deeply informed by my own familyís immigrant experience." - Alex Hernandez


"With his new novel Tooth and Talon, Alex Hernandez fulfills the promise of science fiction to envision new worlds, fantastic future worlds, and then through the force of its characters, convince you that this future is just on the horizon. The novel imagines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology can transform human society, providing us with wings and powerful life-extending nanobots. It holds these human modifications in the balance, and while they do not erase the human condition, they certainly make life more interesting! Tooth and Talon is a wonderful addition to the growing corpus of Latin@ science fiction. Firmly grounded in the history of the Caribbean experience, the novel delves deep into our quest to retain our humanity amidst technologies that threaten to overwhelm us. After experiencing the grace of Hernandezís language and storytelling, you will want to check out his previous short story collection, Transhuman Mambo, the stories of which seem to inhabit the same rich universe." -- Matthew David Goodwin, Editor of Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction and Fantasy


"A fun and inventive space opera that deals with important real world issues. Fans of the genre should jump into this one with both feet and not look back!" - Renae Moore, NetGalley

"If you're looking for something futuristic and somewhat alien, than this is the book for you" - Aurora Schnarr, NetGalley

"Tooth and Talon has interesting characters, an interesting plot and it's definitely worth reading." - Melanie Kimble

"Nice character building. The plot moves and never really comes to a complete stop. Could be a tad cleaner but I'm being picky.. I liked the characters and their interaction, none really got on my nerves, which again, isn't always easy." - J.B. Taylor, netgalley

"An interesting and curious space mystery with interesting twist and turns, Oya, and her fellow soldiers found themselves transported into a bundle of feathery mess, which was to be their new home..." - Emris Lindsay

"Believable science, interesting characters, conflicts created and resolved: make this a good first book for me from this author." - jdp, amazon

"I would recommend this novel for those who are lovers of the sci-fi genre and I look forward to reading more of this author's work." - Happy Customer, amazon

"Iím glad that I picked this book up as its storytelling befits a more seasoned author." - R. Ploude

"I just am going to say I have been hungering for a good believable science fiction lately, and this really did it for me. I highly recommend it. Six stars." - Xubbycat

"Tooth and Talon is well-written and entertaining with intriguing characters and a very different universe." - dr susan

"Tooth and Talon was just the kind of science fiction/fantasy book I was looking for. I could not put this book down, and that is not praise I often offer. The book is written in a way that draws on science, describing the creatures depicted in the book with the eyes of a biologist, but we do not become so bogged down in this parlance that the plot is lost." - JD D, Net Galley reviewer

"I loved this book! The story hooked me right away with the intense prologue. The idea of a genetically modified species clashing with humanity was done really well.

"The characters were interesting, and the main character's cultural background was something I hadn't read before and was fascinating. There were also some great connections between characters from the past to characters in the present.

"I would recommend this to anyone who likes SciFi orFantasy and I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars." - Maegan Brassfield

"The book is very well written. Great read." - gamermama

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