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Dreamers - (OOP)


Dreamers by Donna Glee Williams
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  Action & Adventure
  Romance & Ancient World

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ISBN: 9781770530966

ISBN: 9781770531123
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
208 pages


Dreamers - (OOP)

Driven by duty towards a sleepless death…

By the time she's sixteen, the town's Dreamer has long ago given up her own life. She only dreams for others now, every morning delivering up to them the divine guidance that comes to her in the night. In exchange, they treat the Dreamer like their queen. All her bodily needs are provided, but love and relationships are forbidden to her. Now something unexpected is happening. Something entirely new. A foreign man has come to the village, wearing a scarlet vest and a gold finger-ring that is far, far too good for a mere Water-Bearer. His strange amber eyes have found the Dreamer’s and she longs to be free. But maybe freedom isn't the only cost of being the Dreamer: When her dreams begin to question the authority of the self-serving Chief Interpreter, will she survive his fury? Or will he quietly entomb her in the Dreamer's Chamber, clearing her away like so much litter to make room for a hapless new young girl to take her place? Her fate will be kept as silent as the sacred Garden that is her prison. Unless she can find a way to give voice to her own dreams.

NOTE (from the author): "This new book is a fantasy-without-magic, novel, set in a desert land of olive trees and garlic fields, where an entire society is oriented around a cult of wells and dreaming. Like The Braided Path, Dreamers straddles the fence between Young Adult and Adult literature. (That fence has always seemed a little artificial to me.) There's some romance and some action--does anyone really know what "swashbuckling" means?--along with a slimy bad guy." -- Donna Glee Williams

About the Author:

Donna Glee Williams was born with the wandering gene. She is a retired seminar-leader, who planned and lead learning adventures about all kinds of things and ideas that opened new horizons, and new places to explore. She writes literary fantasy. Dreamers is her second novel. [MORE]


"The desert world of Dreamers is a feast for the senses– and Williams paints it with bold, lyrical language. But more than anything, I kept reading to see if the Dreamer would truly awaken. I had to know her fate." - Sarah McGuire, author of Valiant

"Dreamers transports the reader to a distant land where you can feel the yarn beneath your fingers and taste the sweet water left by a secret friend. Williams spins a moving and eloquent tale of love and dreaming, rich with well-observed details of how people live, work, scheme and hope. She writes with the resonant voice of the story-teller, drawing you in to share this beautiful dream." - Elaine Isaak

"Dreamers is a thoughtful tale in the tradition of the finest of Ray Bradbury, bringing to mind “The April Witch” and Dandelion Wine. Essentially a love story between two people trapped between desire and duty, anyone who has relinquished freedom for responsibility will feel a deep affinity for the protagonists.… Donna Glee Williams is making a name for herself with quiet, meaningful fantasy…" – Scott T. Barnes


"Ms. Williams has created a world quite different from the usual to say the least. I thought the caste system she created was interesting and very entertaining. I could certainly see how some megalomaniac became the 'Chief Interpreter'. His evil progresses throughout the story to the point where I wanted to see his demise included before the conclusion of the book." -- Peter Jasion

"The protagonist is rather stuck in a bad situation, with an extremely slimy bad guy running things - though that only shows up gradually, the book is more focused on her day-to-day life (which is fascinating)." -- Jennifer McGaffey

"It's an exciting story, the story flows well, and besides having someone to hate, you also have a smart young woman and young man and the story ends well." -- Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie

"The plot was really unique and the characters were well written. It is a really good story and I would definitely read more by Donna Glee Williams." -- Jen Cole

Author Statement:

Like the runaway prince in my new novel Dreamers, I was born with the wandering gene. I want to see what’s on the other side of things, what’s around the next bend. I want to be there for the next adventure.

I come by the wanderlust honestly. My parents grew up well-rooted but, when hoof-and-mouth disease threatened the continent, they headed out into the wilds of post-revolutionary Mexico with about 20,000 other cowboys, veterinarians, secretaries, and livestock appraisers to fight back the danger to North America’s food supply. I was the daughter of people who counted their wealth in stories. Adventure was the order of the day; my family prized the weird in everything from food to language. Some of Orik’s picaresque tales are borrowed from my father’s real life.

And I love to take people to new places, too. Physical places, sometimes, like when I invited a few friends to come get lost with me in the bayous north of Lake Ponchartrain. (They were a little put out when we actually did get lost. I guess they just weren’t listening.) But for the last 20 years or so, the quest has often been to a new place of ideas or spirit—I’ve made my living as a seminar-leader, planning and leading learning adventures about all kinds of things and ideas that open new horizons, new places to explore.

Books are places to explore, too—the cheapest form of travel. You can visit lands that never existed: Middle Earth, Earthsea, the strange vertical world of my first novel The Braided Path, or the sun-drenched desert of my latest novel, Dreamers. You can try on an idea like a pair of pants, to see if you want to buy it. You can snoop without embarrassment into the lives of people you would never want to have dinner with. You can climb sheer cliffs, gallop stallions, and paddle crazy rivers without risk to life and limb. You can see things in the shimmer of The Possible instead of the dust of The Real. You can have adventures of the heart and body. Adventures of the mind and spirit. I hope you will join me on this one.

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