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Bedlam Lost


Bedlam Lost by Jack Castle
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ISBN: 9781770531055
$5.99 US

ISBN: 9781770531093
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
$12.95 US
$16.95 CDN
224 pages


Bedlam Lost

You May Never Sleep Again!

Filled with surprises and twists,
we double-dare you to put down this
thrilling novel by an amazon best selling author.

"Just when you think everything has been said or done, along comes Bedlam Lost. Horror, sci-fi, mystery, suspense, and lots of action, this book kept me guessing right to the end!" - Dennis Bryant

"This book kept me on my toes with every chapter." - Ryan Chidester

Featuring more twists than a Philly soft pretzel!

HavenPort: Population 492.
A town with no roads in or out.

Deputy Hank McCarthy has just moved his family into the remote Alaskan town to replace the local Sheriff. He doesn’t think a small sleepy town like HavenPort will offer much in the way of excitement but, considering what he’s running from, he’s more than happy about that.

New York City ballet dancer Emma Hudson is running from something too. Unlike Hank, she’s not sure what she’ll find in HavenPort, especially when supernatural terrors begin to haunt her dreams, and sometimes her waking hours. The people of HavenPort claim it’s no cause for concern. No need to act crazy. She knows what crazy is like.

When Hank and Emma share a daytime terror they begin to see there’s more to this town than they know. Unfortunately for them it’s already too late. Their paths are chosen. There’s no way out of HavenPort.

A supernatural sci-fi thriller, Bedlam Lost delivers for fans of Dean Koontz and J. J. Abrams’ LOST. Step into this story and you might not be able to leave.

About the Author:

Jack Castle has been labeled by the Coeur D'Alene Press as a "Man of Adventures." He has traveled the globe as a professional stuntman for stage, film, and television. While working as a stuntman for Universal Studios, he met Cinderella at Walt Disney World and they were soon married. After moving to Alaska he worked as a tour guide, police officer and Criminal Justice professor. He was also stationed on a remote military base in the Aleutian Islands and, as a Response Team Commander, his last job in the Arctic Circle was protecting engineers from ravenous polar bears. Jack's novels have been ranked in the Top 100 Bestselling books on Amazon and they are available in e-book, print, on amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble. For more info on Jack and his books: [MORE]


Official Jack Castle Website

Book Trailer: Bedlam Lost


"This book has you guessing from the beginning and I am truly glad I kept going. It's scary and different both of which are great things is my opinion. But I wouldn't recommend reading it on a dark,cold night if you are alone." -- Diana Yanishevsky

"As a reader, I don't generally enjoy being left in the dark, but with Bedlam Lost, despite not really knowing what was going on, I found myself enjoying the storytelling. There is an overall surrealness to life in Havenport, Alaska. And the story itself features more twists than a Philly soft pretzel. The end result is an enjoyable read." -- Frank Michaels Errington, reviewer


  • "Just when you think everything has been said or done, along comes Bedlam Lost. Horror, sci-fi, mystery, suspense, and lots of action, this book kept me guessing right to the end! And WOW, I would never have expected that ending. DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THE ENDING!" - Dennis Bryant

  • "Bedlam. Just the name itself is chilling. But "chilling" hardly scratches the surface of the true atmosphere of this gripping story. It is startling at the on-set, gut-wrenching in it's horror, mind-boggling in it's unfolding terror. This book had my hands physically shaking. The characters draw you into their stories and you realize you are completely lost in the same confusion and fear they are experiencing. The best part? By the end, I could hardly differentiate what was reality from what was merely some thrilling fiction. To me, that in itself makes Bedlam a must read for all thrill seekers. But only if you think you're ready for the unguessable...." -Hadassah Carter

  • "Jack Castle succeeds in bringing together so much of what so many like in science fiction: compelling characters, realistic situations and a wonderful sense that there’s a lot more going on out there than meets the eye." -Joe Butler, Niche and Online Content Manager for The Spokesman-Review's Marketing Department

  • "The main characters are a deputy named Hank and a ballet dancer named Emma, along with a host of other eclectic characters. They all end up in this remote Alaskan town with no memory of how they got there. Great start! Then seemingly supernatural terrors begin to reveal themselves and begin knocking off the characters one by one. Enter, the Naked Man with the creepy Jack-o-lantern smile. I hate to give away any spoilers so I won’t tell you anything else other than that this guy scared the crud out of me." - James Wahlman, Firefighter in Alaska

  • "Bedlam Lost was a story that gripped my heart from the beginning to the end. With most books that I have read, there is start, there is a rise in action and then it levels off and ends. Bedlam lost never leveled out. This book kept me on my toes with every chapter. The character are very believable and their action are humanistic in regards to their actions make sense for what they have been through and where they are in the story. On top of that, the location was perfectly described and orchestrated that there were many times when I forgot this was a non-fiction book. I was engrossed into the character’s lives and I didn’t want to leave until everything was settled and the good guys won. With everything that Jack Castle did right in this book, I could go on for an hour talking about everything that I liked about Bedlam Lost but Jack Castle left me the most impressed with the character he first introduces as Naked Man. This character was by far the best character I have ever read in a book. Naked Man sent shivers down my spine and kept me on edge the whole story. I loved everything about this book!" - Ryan Chidester

  • "Bedlam Lost raised the hair on the back of my neck right from the start. There were times when I thought it was okay to relax but I quickly realized that there is an element of terror around every corner. The story is intricate and fast-paced and the characters are well thought out. As terrifying as it was to read I enjoyed every minute of Bedlam Lost." - Sarah Jameson

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